Rule the game

and make the learning fun again

We believe learning is the most effective when it’s fun. That’s why we combine ITERATE™ with our teaching and that’s what the game was created for! Be it a basic Scrum workshop, advanced Scrum Product Owner course, new software team boot camp or a startup community meetup. Every single time we witness engagement, fun, energy and learning. Players tell us the game is addictive and they want to play more. Needless to say, we have as much fun playing the game as we have using it as a teaching aid! Now, we want you to share this joy with us! There are just three simple steps to qualify as a trainer. Pssst… We want you to actually make money along the way.

Step #1

attend our workshop

Attend one of our workshops. You can choose from commercial (paid) sessions or community (free) events. In case you decide to join a commercial session after you purchased your ITERATE™ Professional Trainers’ Pack we will heavily discount its price. If the pack comes after the workshop we will discount the game for you. We don’t want to charge you twice!

– commercial sessions
– community events

No event found!

Step #2

talk to us

Talk to us. We are obsessed with the high quality of the learning experience delivered by our trainers. For this, we need to learn more about you. Expect some questions on your background and experience which are often asked by workshop participants. Contact us to schedule a call or even better – a lunch (yeah, we’ll pay for ourselves) 😉

Step #3

grab your gear

Purchase a Professional Trainers’ Pack. This is our most advanced edition of the game, suitable for running public commercial workshops for up to 24 students. As an acknowledged trainer you will get:

4 Game Boxes
4 game rule posters and a PowerPoint slide deck with guidance to facilitate workshops
8 hours of online support with game authors
15% discount for all subsequent game boxes
15% discount for future expansion packs
15% discount to attend workshops run by game authors
And more…



Step #4

publish your first workshop

Oh, wait a minute. Didn’t we mention there are only 3 steps to qualify as a trainer? That’s right! No more steps, no policies, no obligations, no strings attached, no royalties or per student fees. Nada. We won’t ever dictate the price of your workshops nor the number of workshops you run a week, a month or a year. It’s none of our business. It’s all your business now! Go ahead and schedule your first workshop! Pssst… You may want to publish it on this very site to give it a boost. Get in touch to learn how.