Well-Invested Time! 1 1 ITERATE™

Well-Invested Time!

Well-invested time! Great way to learn how complex product development is and how consecutive decisions influence it. In contrast to other training games, it’s not simplified what makes all mechanisms…

Big Fun! 1 1 ITERATE™

Big Fun!

Thanks for the big fun combined with knowledge, and congratulations on developing such a great game!

Very Successful Workshop! 1 1 ITERATE™

Very Successful Workshop!

Very successful meeting. The game made me think about how wrong things can go when we are not able to see every aspect of the simulated project environment.

Awesome Game! 1 1 ITERATE™

Awesome Game!

Chapeau bas to the organizers! The game is awesome and triggers thinking. Great workshop; I would gladly forget what it was about to play it again.

Great Idea! 1 1 ITERATE™

Great Idea!

Great idea! This game maps reality really well. Looking forward for the next workshop.

Amazing Workshop! 1 1 ITERATE™

Amazing Workshop!

Thank you for the possibility of taking part in this amazing workshop!

Best Workshop! 1 1 ITERATE™

Best Workshop!

Excellent! One of the best workshops I have ever had.

Wish We Had More Time To Play! 1 1 ITERATE™

Wish We Had More Time To Play!

This workshop shows how complexity affects software projects. Nicely wrapped in Scrum practices (roles, artifacts, and events). I wish we had more time to play.

Very Cool! 1 1 ITERATE™

Very Cool!

Very cool, looking forward to future sessions.

Great Experience! 1 1 ITERATE™

Great Experience!

Fun & inspiring. Great experience!