Big Fun! 1 1 ITERATE™

Big Fun!

Thanks for the big fun combined with knowledge, and congratulations on developing such a great game!

New Talents Revealed! 1 1 ITERATE™

New Talents Revealed!

The game was fun and revealed new talents. A very quiet team member took the role of the Product Owner and led the team very efficiently.

Great Game! 1 1 ITERATE™

Great Game!

Great game – I recommend playing it!

Really Cool! 1 1 ITERATE™

Really Cool!

The game is really cool!

Great Entertainment! 1 1 ITERATE™

Great Entertainment!

The game perfectly reflects the business complexity of product development. And it’s a great entertainment!

Tremendous Knowledge! 1 1 ITERATE™

Tremendous Knowledge!

Thank you! Tremendous knowledge collected in the game.

Eye-Opening! 1 1 ITERATE™


The game is very entertaining, eye-opening and challenging. It helps understand what influences the product development process in a fun way.

Really Great! 1 1 ITERATE™

Really Great!

It was really great 🙂 I strongly recommend trying the Product Development Game!

Good Job! 1 1 ITERATE™

Good Job!

Really good job with Product Development Game! It’s good to fail, so we can learn.

Inspiring! 1 1 ITERATE™


Inspiring and eye-opening!